‘Bachelorette’ Alum Robby Hayes Dating ‘Are You the One’ Star Kathryn Palmer
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‘Bachelorette’ Alum Robby Hayes Dating ‘Are You the One’ Star Kathryn Palmer


It feels like all we talk about these days are JoJo Fletcher’s former Bachelorette 2016 contestants!

The Season 12 hunks are dominating Bachelor Nation headlines, from Luke Pell being outed as a player to James Taylor apologizing for the guys’ “shameful,” “f—kboy” behavior.

Now, it’s James and Luke’s pal Robby Hayes stealing the spotlight!

Less than a week after the former pro swimmer and Chad Johnson duked it out over a girl on Twitter, he’s been romantically linked to another gal — another reality star, in fact!

If you follow Robby on social media, you may have noticed him spending time with MTV’s Are You the One? alum Kathryn Palmer.

The Season 5 Cast of #AYTO is here! Via @entertainmentweekly

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Last week, the two shared pics from their trip to the Jacksonville Zoo. Then, Kathryn sent tongues wagging with a shot of the two looking cozy at a bar.

"They say Florida State has the best looking students.... I agree," she captions the couple-y shot.

As you can gather from that caption, they’re both Florida natives and FSU alums — but how did they actually meet?

They say Florida State has the best looking students.... I agree.

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According to the blonde, it was actually through her mom!

“My mom is friends with someone that knows his sister,” the 22-year-old tells E! News.

She continues, “My mom actually kind of set the whole thing up, so that's kind of funny. So the reason that we met is because of my mom.”

From there, she says the two started “talking a little bit” over Instagram, before taking their chats to text, and later to in-person!

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"He invited me to his event in Fort Lauderdale so we hung out then. We had a great time,” she details.

As for the actual status of their relationship, she doesn’t deny they’re more than friends, but for now they’re “not taking anything too seriously.”

“Right now, he's a really great guy and I enjoy hanging out with him,” she states.  

But there’s another reason they’re not putting a label on it, and it has to do with TV…

The reality star admits, “Bachelor in Paradise is an option [for him] so we're just sitting back and seeing what happens.”

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It all makes sense now! However, if they have a good connection — which it sounds like they do — we hope he won’t let more TV fame get in the way.

“It's nice to be able to connect with someone who's been through a similar experience because they understand it whereas people who haven't been in your shoes in that way don't really understand what you did on TV,” Kathryn gushes.

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Most of all, we’re keeping our fingers crossed this is a sign of more AYTO-Bachelor crossovers to come.

After all, Kathryn wasn’t the only Season 5 alum who was hanging with Robby last week. Her castmate, Tyler O’Brien, was also at the Fort Lauderdale event that night.