Robby Hayes & Nick Viall Are Bachelor Nation’s Latest Twitter Feud… Over Grammar?!
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Bachelor in Paradise

Robby Hayes & Nick Viall Are Bachelor Nation’s Latest Twitter Feud… Over Grammar?!


Call us petty but we secretly love when reality stars exchange shade on social media.

But you know what’s even better than a Twitter feud over something of substance? How about something super unexpected like grammar?

That’s the kind of entertainment Robby Hayes, Nick Viall, and Alexis Waters provided us during last night’s Bachelor in Paradise.

If you tuned into the episode — when it wasn’t being preempted by President Trump’s speech — you may have seen Alexis (or devoted “Dolphin Shark”) making some jabs at the Bachelor 2016 star.

While goofing off with friends, the New Jersey gal dubbed Nick “the worst Bachelor in history” — albeit, all in a bad British accent.

Given the context and her tone, we assumed this was a joke. And her target seemed to agree, deciding that a little sarcasm (and pun-throwing) would be the best retort.

‘Hi @awatazzz you still salty that you're a shark,” the 36-year-old quipped back.

Funny enough, right? Well, Robby didn’t seem to take it that way, seizing his chance to defend his BIP pal.

He sent back a simple “You're*” to the Wisconsin hunk, correcting him for using “you still salty” instead of “you’re still salty.”

Technically, that is correct, though we assume the Dancing With the Stars alum was just being casual and not sticking to proper grammar.

It’s more likely that his foe couldn’t resist the chance to take him down a notch with a little dig at his intelligence, though it’s clear Vanessa Grimaldi’s fiancé was confused at first.

First, he posted a baffled-looking Britney Spears GIF.

Next, he asked, “Are you complementing me for using ‘you’re’ correctly?”

He deleted it immediately after, which tells us one of two things: 1) either realizing that he spelled “compliment” wrong (unless this was intentional), or 2) he was off on which “you’re” Robby was correcting.

For the record, the four-time franchise star wasn’t on his own team. Current BIP cast member Derek Peth also got in on the fun and threw some more fuel in the grammar fire.

“Go home @RobbyHHayes *your drunk,” he added, clearly using the incorrect tense on purpose.

As for Alexis, she took a different route for firing back at her initial foe. This time, she wasn’t as vague about her dislike.

"Lmao GOOD ONE long did it take you to come up with that one. I may be salty but I see you are still stale lol," she zinged.

Who knew there was bad blood here? Last we checked, Nick and his former contestant were totally cool and “friends.”

We have to second Jasmine Goode’s sentiment, who also couldn’t get enough of this pettiness, tweeting emojis to show she’s sipping tea.

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