The Kardashians Get Robert’s Diary Back From Stepmom Ellen Pearson — Report
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The Kardashians Get Robert’s Diary Back From Stepmom Ellen Pearson — Report

The Kardashian sisters have had an ongoing war with their "evil stepmother" Ellen Pearson Kardashian for quite some time now — but it looks like amid all the back-and-forth lawsuits, the sisters finally got a legal win against their dad Robert Kardashian's widow.

Way back in April 2013, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, along with mama Kris Jenner, sued Ellen when she sold Robert's alleged diaries to InTouch, demanding at least $500,000 in damages. We're not sure about the money, but TMZ reports the family got something even better: Ellen returned Robert's alleged diary, plus some family photo albums.

This is a solid win in an ongoing battle with Ellen, who wed Robert three weeks before his death in 2003. The diary — the authenticity of which is questionable — accuses Robert’s one-time wife, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, of abuse, neglect, and infidelity. So in addition to recovering it from Ellen, maybe the family can now finally get some answers.

Don't bust out the champagne yet, though. There are a ton of moving parts in the legal battle between the Kardashians and Ellen that still haven't been resolved. After the original lawsuit over the diary, Ellen countersued for harassment, defamation of character, and — we are not making this up — "public disclosure of private facts." You know, private facts, like the kind you'd find in a diary.

After a judge's order that the Kardashians and Ellen settle the defamation lawsuit, Ellen hit back even harder in August 2013, with a defamation suit against Kris, all the Kardashian children, Ryan Seacrest, and Ryan Seacrest productions. At the crux of the suit were statements made on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, e.g., that she married Robert for his money. In legal documents, Ellen called Kris a "manipulative and devious mother." Yikes.

Obviously, many legal decisions are still pending but TMZ says that the Kardashians have already won a large part of Ellen's defamation suit, and plan to get more than $300,000 in attorney’s fees back from the stepmom.

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Source: TMZ