Robert Kirkman Loves The Walking Dead Season 5 Death Talk: “Keep Those Rumors Flying!”

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Robert Kirkman Loves The Walking Dead Season 5 Death Talk: “Keep Those Rumors Flying!”

Dagnabbit! Are we playing right into Robert Kirkman’s nefarious master plan?

The Walking Dead comic book writer/executive producer just talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Season 5, which is now filming. During the Q&A, THR asked this very spoilery question: “As there seems to be every season, there's another rumor circulating that Steven Yeun's Glenn may not be long for this world. Thoughts?” RK answered, “I absolutely love it. It means people care and people are paying attention. So keep those rumors flying!”

It’s a trap! Abort the mission!

Actually, do you think there’s any meaning there? What if it’s true, that Glenn was killed off during the filming of Episode 2 or 3? How would you, as Robert Kirkman, react to the question? Wouldn’t you play it off like this? Then again, we’d probably do the same if Glenn was alive and fans picked up on a false trail.

We wondered if The Powers That Be might be laying false trails out there, or at least hoping for some misdirection. The Glenn death was never confirmed, it was always just a rumor that started with the spoiler-savvy members at The Spoiling Dead Fans and later refuted by other sources at TWD Enthusiasts. Maybe Glenn is fine and someone else dies. Or maybe no major deaths have been filmed yet.

Robert Kirkman Loves The Walking Dead Season 5 Death Talk: “Keep Those Rumors Flying!”

But we’re guessing some Termites are toast, and not just from a flashback origin story. We’re still guessing TWD shows the history of how Terminus came to be, maybe right in the Season 5 premiere.

RK was asked how long we’ll stay at Terminus, with THR wondering if there’s a plan to change locations every half season or so. “There's never a formula,” RK said. “We're certainly not falling into, ‘We're going to do eight episodes here and eight episodes there.’ We'll be changing things up quite a bit and keeping people guessing. There's not going be any set pattern that people are going to be able to recognize.”

Since the “people” are meant to keep guessing, we’re still guessing there’s a flashback, but also a bit of a time jump around the time that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company escape T-town. But Gareth may chase them outside Terminus, since there were car chase filming spoilers. Maybe Rick and company meet up with Beth Greene and Father Gabriel Stokes at this house and … maybe someone is killed in a standoff or something? That’s based on nothing so don’t take it to the spoiler bank, but part of it might be true.

Does it give you pause that RK is feeding the rumor fire? Maybe it means fans are on the wrong track (but maybe not). Or are you just happy that he isn’t ticked about filming spoilers? He did say they were keep a tight lid on secrets this year, because of the cliffhangers, and AMC seems to like to control the message … but he’s right that all the rumors and speculation are just signs that people care and are paying attention. It beats the alternative!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter