Robert Kirkman Interviews Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus — and It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman Interviews Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus — and It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

Spoiler alert: The Walking Dead Season 5 is going to follow "zombies on sharks throwing snakes." Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) spilled the beans on the "huge mid-season finale" twist, much to Robert Kirkman's distress, during the most hilarious Skybound interview at Comic-Con.

All interviews should be this unabashedly goofy — especially since the Walking Dead cast has to do a thousand Q&As on Season 5 all while knowing they can't say a blessed thing about what actually happens in Season 5. So why not make it up, like this?

Robert Kirkman [continuing talk]: "Where do the sharks come from? Let's given them that."

Andrew Lincoln: "Daryl Dixon's underwear."

RK: "You're spoiling the Daryl Dixon underwear thing too?!"

Andy: "No, sorry those are the crabs."

RK made a disgusted face, then separately asked Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) about the Daryl rumor.

Robert Kirkman: "Is it true? Because if it is I'm very worried, for my own..."

Norman Reedus: "Because we're both standing close to each other?"

Norman just laughed, but they cut back to Andy, who suddenly realized he was talking to Skybound — of The Walking Dead comic books — and the interview was actually live.

Andrew: "Uh oh..."

Ha! Andy went on to say none of the shark/zombies/snakes/crabs stuff was true, and spoke more seriously on the new season. But he said mostly the same things he's said to everyone, on the great first episode, etc. He did add a legit spoiler on the cool after-credits element following the premiere, and RK had to cut him off. Then again, that has also been mentioned before — that there's a very special surprise at the end of Episode 1.

Watch the video just for the tomfoolery. Please give all three of them a buddy comedy spinoff!

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