Robert Kirkman: The Walking Dead Comics Issue #125 Is “Crazy” — What Happened?
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The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman: The Walking Dead Comics Issue #125 Is “Crazy” — What Happened?

Remember all that talk about Rick Grimes's final fate being revealed in The Walking Dead comics, with "big events planned" for Issue 125? Well, today is the day of reckoning, sir.

Comic book writer/TV show executive producer Robert Kirkman tweeted on April 9, "In stores today, INVINCIBLE 110 & THE WALKING DEAD 125! Both are pretty crazy! You've been warned! (Although one is crazier than the other!)."

*Major Walking Dead comic book spoilers ahead! Stop reading if you don’t want details.*

Not sure about Invincible, but in The Walking Dead’s previous issue — continuing the “All Out War” between Rick’s team and Negan’s The Saviors — Rick's fate was kinda sorta left hanging, since Dwight shot a crossbow to his stomach. If the weapon was contaminated, Rick was toast. But he wasn’t showing any signs of fever, so ... what happened next?

In Issue 125, Rick ... is not toast. But Negan is! On the way, anyway. It looks like the "big bad" leader of The Saviors just got his tush — or at least his neck — claimed.

Negan was surprised to see Rick still alive, expecting Rick to have been killed by Dwight's contaminated weapon, not realizing it was not contaminated. Negan and Rick had a face-off, with both men making speeches. Negan ultimately said he got it all wrong, saying they could establish a safe zone between the various communities. He showed remorse, but Rick wasn't having it. No mercy. Rick took his (apparently contaminated) knife and sliced Negan's throat, in a call-back to Issue 100 when Negan first met Rick's group and told them their best chance was to stand up and put a knife in his throat right there.

That was the issue when Glenn met Lucille, Negan's favorite weapon, so his death is finally being avenged. Now what, though? The big deaths may not be over. Issue 126 closes out the “All Out War” storyline, leading into "A New Beginning" with Issue 127.

What does this mean for the AMC show? We are way, way behind this particular storyline on TV, and we’re not even expecting to meet Negan on Season 5. Heck, we may not even get to the Alexandria Safe-Zone until the second half or finale. Maybe we’ll see Negan in Season 6? React below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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04.9.2014 / 12:00 AM EST by Gina Carbone
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