Robert Pattinson Enlists His Dogs to Reunite with Kristen Stewart — Report
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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Enlists His Dogs to Reunite with Kristen Stewart — Report

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are one of those couples who will never not be a couple… even when they’re seeing other people. Despite the fact that Rob’s been reportedly seeing Dylan Penn, rumors are still swirling that he and Kristen are on the cusp of reuniting. And according to Hollywood Life, Rob’s planning to use a rather unconventional plan to get her back.

A source who claims to be a friend of Rob’s has said he’s “clearly not over Kristen” — and using his dogs, Bear and Bernie, would be the best way to see her again.

“They used to take long walks in Griffith Park with the dogs when they were together,” the source explains. “He wants to do that with her. He will make it seem like the dogs miss Kristen, which I am sure they do, but Rob is the one who really misses her.”

And how will Kristen take it? A different source close to her says she’d be all for it.

“Of course she still loves Rob,” Kristen’s friend says. “She has never stopped loving him. In fact, not once has Kristen mentioned having any sort of romantic interest in anyone else since she and Rob broke up. She misses him terribly, not to mention the dogs. It would most definitely be a happy, and much welcome family reunion for her.”

We’re not sure if we buy it, though — although these two were totally cute together (while it lasted), we hear different rumors about them almost daily. We’d rather just wait and see what happens before making the final call.

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Source: Hollywood Life