Rob Pattinson Still Thinks About Kristen Stewart’s Smile Daily: Report
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Rob Pattinson Still Thinks About Kristen Stewart’s Smile Daily: Report

Apparently, some smiles just aren't easy to forget, as Robert Pattinson is finding when it comes to Kristen Stewart. And you can go ahead and file this story under the category of "Cutest News Ever."

Twilight stars R-Patz and K-Stew have been broken up for months now, but he still misses her smiling face every day, according to Hollywood Life.

“Of course Rob misses Kristen,” a source reveals. “He misses her every single day.” Ugh! So why the heck aren't they back together then?? It's not fair!

Apparently, the memories Rob cherishes the most are when Kristen was just being silly. "They had a lot of fun when they were a couple, and they laughed a lot," says the insider. "What Rob misses the most about Kristen is her smile and the sound of her laughing. She has the most endearing smile to Rob."

“I know they are both still very fond of each other,” the source adds. “Rob has always felt like Kristen made him a better person — a more transparent, confident person.”

And now for the bajillion-dollar question: Why don't they just freakin' give things another try already? Sadly, it's apparently not quite that simple.

"Right now, Rob isn’t thinking of getting back together with Kristen," says the insider. "It’s still just too complicated."

Uh, he misses her, and she misses him. What's so complicated about that?

Source: Hollywood Life