Who Wore it Better: Robin Thicke or Beetlejuice?
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Who Wore it Better: Robin Thicke or Beetlejuice?

Until this year's VMAs, the black-and-white thick-striped suit had one, big famous wearer: Beetlejuice, the pervy ghost played by Michael Keaton in the 1988 Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice. Or the slightly less pervy ghost in the subsequent cartoon. But Robin Thicke, ever the boundary-pusher, busted that suit back out and took it for a spin in the Outerworld once more, accompanied by a little Miley Cyrus booty for a performance of "Blurred Lines." The question is: did he improve the suit, or should he have left the crisp lines to the pros?

Let's look at what each of these gents decided to do with that suit. These aren't pros or cons — that's up to y'all — but merely observations.

Beetlejuice wore that suit like a uniform, and as a result, it was pretty dirty, much like the rest of him. Grime was a pretty consistent accessory. His lapels were made of the same, stripey fabric, and he typically wore that noise with a simple, black tie and a white button-down. Occasionally he'd go for maroon, especially if he felt like a cartoon that day. We'd like to stress that Beetlejuice wears this suit as casual attire, opting for more velvet and ruffles for more formal occasions. His jacket is buttoned, probably partially because he's not dancing, but if he were, he wouldn't get overheated because he's a ghost.

Robin Thicke, as far as we know, has only worn this suit for this specific occasion: getting rubbed in the crotch by a foam finger held by one Miley Cyrus. Since he wore it with not a tie, but a whistle, we're guessing the homage to Beetlejuice was accidental and he really meant to be more of a referee. His lapels, instead of keeping the stripe pattern, were solid black, as was his button-down underneath. He wore his jacket open, because he's dancing and probably getting overheated.

Both men got kind of lecherous in that suit. One got twerked on by Hannah Montana, and the other looked up Geena Davis's skirt.

So now the moment of truth: who wore it better? Alan Thicke soul-singing progeny Robin Thicke, or Beetlejuice, the Ghost With the Most? Weigh in below!

Robin Thicke wore it better!

Beetlejuice wore it better!

08.25.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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