Robin Thicke Claims Innocence in Miley’s VMA Performance: “I’m the Twerkee”
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Robin Thicke Claims Innocence in Miley’s VMA Performance: “I’m the Twerkee”

Robin Thicke may know a thing or two about blurred lines, but when it comes to his now-infamous VMA performance with Miley Cyrus, he’s as clear as day about what happened between the two performers.

While media outlets had a field day with Miley’s twerkfest at the MTV awards show, going so far as to claim that Robin’s wife, Paula Patton, was livid about the musicians’ “inappropriate” on-stage antics, both Robin and Miley have maintained that the two were just having fun.

Now the soulful singer is speaking out about the flack he’s received for being on the receiving end of Hannah Montana’s booty, explaining the performance on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

On his episode of the show, which airs this Sunday at 9 PM, Robin says of allegations that their performance was sexually-charged, “I was on stage. I didn't see it. So to me, I'm walking out towards Miley [and] I'm not thinking sex. I'm thinking fun, you know? I mean her and I don't have that kind of…”

“But she’s twerking up against your, uh, cojones,” Oprah laughs.

“I know, but you have to remember, I'm singing my butt off. I'm sitting there. I'm looking up at the sky, and I'm not really paying attention to all that. That’s on her… Listen, I'm the twerkee. I'm twerked upon.”

Robin’s wife, Baggage Claim star Paula Patton, has been similarly diplomatic about her husband’s act, telling Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen of the performance, “They rehearsed for three days beforehand. I don't know how not to dance with someone having their booty in your…All my friends do it like that,” joking, “I don’t know if they thought Miley was going to sit down and play piano like Alicia Keys? The song is about taking [the club drug] Molly. I don't understand. I didn’t get the big deal.”

Source: Oprah’s Next Chapter

10.10.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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