Ron Worrell Asks For Custom “Stop” Shirt — Is He Making Fun of Andi Dorfman?
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The Bachelorette

Ron Worrell Asks For Custom “Stop” Shirt — Is He Making Fun of Andi Dorfman?

Andi Dorfman sure does love her catchphrases. The Atlantan has said “y’all,” “he’s hottttttt,” and “stop” so often during The Bachelorette Season 10, you could turn her fave phraseology into a drinking game. Though Ron Worrell’s time in Bachelor Mansion was short-lived, it seems like her go-tos have stuck with him. In fact, we’re wondering if a recent tweet was his way of calling her out!

The cultured cutie tweeted at Pantsapreneur JJ O’Brien recently, asking the clothing designer to hook him up with some questionable garb. “Can you make me a dope Hem Haus tshirt that says "STOP"?” he asked his former castmate. We’re not sure if the commissioned T-shirt is just all in good fun, or if Ron and the boys in the house actually did get a wee weary of listening to Andi’s words on repeat.

So how did Mr. Pants respond to Ron’s request? JJ’s return was a resounding, “I think I can make that happen….” We think you can too, liver spots, and we can’t wait to see the finished product — we’re thinking Ronnie would rock purple paisley, in case you needed our opinion. In case you’re not up on your JJ trivia, he’s the owner of Hem Haus, a line of “interactive apparel for a life less ordinary.”

Whether Ron was seriously telling Andi she needs to add some new jargon to her rotation or was just having a little fun, we’re happy to see Mr. Handsome is staying in touch with his Bachelor Nation buddies. Ever since he had to peace out back in Episode 3, we’ve been missing his pretty face every Monday night. Good to see he’s still in the rosy state of mind, even if he’s bringing a little shade to the game...

Do you think Ron was calling Andi out or just goofing around?

Source: Ron Worrell on Twitter

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Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group    

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