Andi Dorfman Would’ve Given Ron Worrell a Rose — Who Got It Instead?
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Andi Dorfman Would’ve Given Ron Worrell a Rose — Who Got It Instead?

It happens almost every season — a contestant exits Bachelor Mansion of their own accord, excusing themselves before the lead can give them the old heave ho. Andi Dorfman’s season is no different, since Ron Worrell left the show for personal reasons during Episode 3. His hasty exit begs the question… if Ron hadn’t packed his bags, would he have gotten a rose?

In her People blog, Andi clears things up and tells us that Ron’s bad news made her heart ache, writing “he was such a fun guy who definitely would have gotten a rose that week.” Got it. So we have to wonder: which guy nabbed Ron’s rose and got to stay another week on borrowed time? While we don’t have a crystal ball, ESP, or a time machine, we do love to speculate wildly.

We haven’t seen much flair from Tasos Hernandez lately. The 30-year-old seems content to hang out in the background, making us wonder whether or not he really cares to catch Andi’s eye.

We’re also curious how many more outfits Pat Jagodzinski will get to display before getting the boot. He hasn’t gotten a 1-on-1, doesn’t seem to shine in any of the group dates, and hasn’t stolen any kisses at the cocktail parties. Andi has said she likes the guys who are a bit more aggressive and just go in for the kiss, so Pat’s hands-off approach may mean Andi won’t be handing him a rose.

Who do you think Andi would have sent home instead of Ron? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Andi's People blog