Ronan Farrow Opens Up About Frank Sinatra Paternity Debate
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Ronan Farrow Opens Up About Frank Sinatra Paternity Debate

Mia Farrow may have dedicated much of her life to creating a large family for herself through adoption, but it’s one of her three biological children who could have a few questions about where he came from.

Mia’s son, Ronan, whom she supposedly conceived with former partner Woody Allen, is at the center of a paternity controversy since Mia admitted that Ronan’s biological dad may actually be her ex-husband, late crooner Frank Sinatra, with whom Mia “never really split up.”

While Ronan does have Frank’s piercing blue eyes and has been deemed a “big part” of the Sinatra family by Frank’s daughter, Nancy, the newly-minted MSNBC anchor tells Vulture that he frankly has no idea who his biological father is.

“You know, I wasn’t there, so I don’t have a lot more to offer than you,” he says. “Of course, it is a distraction … But I take it in stride. Look, we all have, you know, our family histories to bear.”

As for the idea of taking a DNA test to conclusively prove whether Woody or Frank is his biological father, Ronan says he won’t do it.

“Look, I grew up in a family with ten adopted siblings, so you know, if anything, I consider it an insult to them to obsess too much over the question of genetic provenance.” he says. “I get a kick out of it, everyone gets a kick out of it. Let’s move onto the substance.”

Source: Vulture / E! Online

10.22.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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