Ronnie’s Double and More Ridiculous Moments From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 4
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Ronnie’s Double and More Ridiculous Moments From Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 4

There was a whole lot of dramz in the last episode. From Ronnie's look-alike friend to Snooki's drunken visit to the pokey, here are some of the most insane moments from Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 4.

5. An interview with two boobs (and we're not talking about Sammi and Ronnie)
We have to admit, we got pretty excited when we saw Vinny and Pauly whip out their flip cams to make some home movies. How could it not be funny? They even managed to cheer Snooki up by holding an exclusive interview with JWOWW’s boobs! We’re that must have been a really tough interview for Vinny to do. Maybe next time he should interview her butt.

4. No, you definitely didn’t do anything wrong, JWOWW.
JWOWW can claim she’s innocent all she wants, but we know the truth. She was totally interested in Roger before Tom was even out of the picture. She even went on a date with the guy. Carnival rides, walking on the boardwalk and, uh, oh yeah — sleeping together. But of course Jenni failed to mention any of that to Tom and just decided to blame all their relationship failures on him. That works too, we guess.

3. Is this a good time to talk?
You know what sucks? Having your friend get arrested for public intoxication on the beach. You know what sucks more? Having to call your friend’s dad to tell him about it. But that’s exactly what JWOWW did, and we have to say, it broke our heart to hear Snooki’s dad’s reaction to the news. It was even tougher to hear how upset he was when Snooki got on the phone with him later. But don’t worry, Snooks. Your dad may be disappointed in you, but you never let us down.

2. That guy looks like Ron — on the inside and out.
It’s weird enough that Deena met a guy who looked exactly like Ronnie at the club. It was even weirder that he and Ron already knew each other. It was even WEIRDER that this Ronnie poseur (named Dean) had a girlfriend named Sam. What’s not as weird? That he also cheated on his girlfriend named Sam. Yep, he really is Ronnie’s clone.

1. JWOWW's messy breakup.
As wrong as JWOWW may have been in lying to Tom about Roger, we have to give her some serious sympathy after she discovered that Tom stole a bunch of her stuff. Her bed, her watch, her hard drive, and even just some of her money. That’s seriously messed up. Maybe Jenni wasn’t so wrong to break up with him. But maybe she should have done it with a couple of police escorts.


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