Rosie Pope Spills on Her Mother’s Day Plans and Whether ‘Pregnant in Heels’ Will Be Back
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Rosie Pope Spills on Her Mother’s Day Plans and Whether ‘Pregnant in Heels’ Will Be Back

There’s not much we love as much as our own babies…except maybe a reality TV series about having babies, so Pregnant in Heels star and maternity clothing designer Rosie Pope is kind of an idol of ours, so we were more than thrilled to chat with the mom of three at the DivaLysscious Moms and More Magazine Influential Mom Moguls event in NYC.

After publicly dealing with infertility issues of her own, Rosie’s pretty much an expert on the art of how NOT to put your foot in your mouth when asking a friend about pregnancy plans. So when we met up with the mom of three, we couldn’t wait to hear all about Rosie’s Mother’s Day plans and learn how she “outs” a pregnant friend with just one glass of bubbly!

Wetpaint Moms: First and foremost — will there be a Season 3 of Pregnant in Heels?

Rosie Pope: I am working on a new project, but I can’t tell you what it is. I know, it’s the most annoying answer ever, but something’s coming really soon! Of course, very soon in our world is like next year because it takes time to film.

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Do you have any plans?

Vivian [Rosie’s third child] was born on Mother’s Day. Last year, Mother’s Day was May 13th, so she turns one on Monday, so we’re going to celebrate it on Mother’s Day and we’re doing pink cupcakes and pink champagne.

So, here’s a tough situation that most of us have found ourselves in before — how do you ask someone if she’s pregnant? Do you have to wait until your friends are in full-blown labor to pop the question if they haven’t said anything?

You CAN’T ask them. You can’t! I’m very funny — in our office, we’re all women, except my husband, and I’m convinced that everyone’s pregnant all of the time, so I have prosecco Thursdays. This is how you tell. Prosecco Thursdays — bring in the prosecco at 4 o’clock after everyone works really hard and I pour everyone a glass and I watch. LIKE A HAWK. And if nobody finishes their glass, they’re pregnant. Everybody in the office knows that if they don’t finish their glass, I’m going to start all kinds of rumors (laughing).

What’s about asking a friend if she has plans to have more babies or if she’s done? Is that a big no-no?

You can’t ask that question either. Especially after what I’ve been through, you never know what’s going on with somebody. And if they don’t have a baby right now, there’s a reason for that, whether it’s because they don’t want one, can’t have one, or they’re not ready. It just invites a whole host of problems that they might not be ready to talk about, so I think it’s just better not to ask.

What if someone asks us the same thing — when are you having another baby — what are we supposed to say?

I think it depends on the person. Some people really want to share what’s going on and it really helps. And other people pretend it’s not happening, and are private. With your friends, I think it’s really important that you communicate which you want, because I think friends are often not sure if they can ask you how you’re feeling or take you out on a girls’ night to get your mind off of what’s going on. They just don’t know what to do, so if you’re going through it, you need to talk to them. But as far as strangers go [covering her ears], “Lalalalalalala!”

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