X Factor 2013 Audition: Watch RoXxy Montana Sing “One Night Only” (VIDEO)
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013 Audition: Watch RoXxy Montana Sing “One Night Only” (VIDEO)

We fell in love immediately with the three sisters of RoXxy Montana, a girl group out of Detroit, Michigan, whose audition was a little touch and go. But though their performance of Jennifer Hudson's "One Night Only" started well, Simon was critical of the overlap of the sisters' voices and stopped the song.

"Temperance," he said to the 20-year-old, "for me, your voice is so much better than the other two." Yikes. The audience didn't like that, but Kelly Rowland asked them to sing something a cappella. Inresponse, they sang a church song, called "I've Been Changed," which better showed off each singer's range and harmonies.

Kelly said, "I hear what Simon is saying. Of course every group has a lead singer." (Cough, Beyonce, cough cough). "But when you guys come together..." Yeah, we feel you, Kel. They did sound great. Simon said that they're "really good together, but you've got a secret weapon. What I think you've got to work out, which is where I think we could help, is how we work the vocals, how we work the harmonies, who sings what parts... And it's not about democracy. It's about sounding amazing. And I'm glad that I said what I said, because it did kind of fire the other two up."

And that's not all Papa Simon said. He amped up the competition, saying that "apart from the groups I've put together, this is potentially the best group we've ever had on X Factor. I'm a hundred percent serious."

They got four yeses... will they make the Top 16? Check out our spoilers, watch the video, and tell us whether they'd get your vote.

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