Roxy Sowlaty of #RichKids of Beverly Hills: Why Haters Don’t Bother Me — Exclusive
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Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Roxy Sowlaty of #RichKids of Beverly Hills: Why Haters Don’t Bother Me — Exclusive

Watching yourself on TV is weird. Roxy Sowlaty has no problem admitting that. When the 25-year-old’s new E! reality show, #RichKids of Beverly Hills, premiered in January, Roxy quickly found that the Internet has plenty of opinions about her life. And not all of them are positive.

But while Roxy doesn’t love everything about herself “I think my voice is so annoying,” she tells us — the aspiring interior designer feels like much of the criticism against her and her super wealthy castmates is unwarranted. As her co-star Jonny Drubel pointed out to us, the #RichKids don’t spend their days just sitting around and spending money like people seem to think. They all have jobs.

Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Roxy opens up how she deals with the haters... and how sweet it is when fans rush to her defense on Instagram.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What is it like watching yourself on TV?

Roxy Sowlaty: Watching yourself is the weirdest experience ever. Watching yourself back, you’re like, ‘Why do I look like that? Why did I say that?’ Once you watch it the first time, you get over the initial shock. You watch it again; it’s kind of like a home video. It doesn’t feel that weird.

We all laugh at ourselves. Like, ‘Oh my god, I look terrible there. I can’t believe I said that.’ We all laugh at each other and we’re like, ‘Okay, I hope people like it.’ We have fun with it.

How have fans reacted to the show so far?

People will always say negative things, but the majority has been really positive. People are supportive. Even if somebody says something mean on an Instagram photo, someone else will attack them and say, ‘Don’t say that about Roxy! She’s a really cool person!’ or ‘She’s a designer!’ or whatever it might be.

Roxy Sowlaty of #RichKids of Beverly Hills: Why Haters Don’t Bother Me — Exclusive
Credit: E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

How do you deal with haters or criticism? What’s your response to them?

This is one glimpse of my life. There’s much more to us than just a TV show. When somebody says something nasty, I kind of laugh because I know it’s not true. I have enough confidence in myself to know I’m proud of the person I am, beyond the show.

[TV shows use] the juiciest bites, the juiciest moments. Obviously we have more sensitive and serious moments. It’s entertainment. And that’s how I look at it. Like, if you know me, I’m the most rational, motherly person.

Are you close with the rest of the cast?

I’m Morgan’s best friend, we’re like sisters, and I’ve been friends with Dorothy for years, as well, since college. I never wanted to be on TV, but I’m like, ‘Even if I end up saying no, I’ll be on it anyway, because we’re so close.’ So I was like, ‘Why not just see what happens?’

So you and Morgan are super close?

We have this weird like Gemini, same-birthday connection going on. I met her my freshman year of college. Her ex-boyfriend was living in my dorm, so she’d always come by, and we instantly connected. Like, I don’t think I’ve gone a day without speaking to her since we’ve met.

Describe each cast member in one word:

Dorothy: Fabuluxe

Morgan: Hilarious and chic

Jonny: Oh my god, I die for Jonny. One word to describe him? Daddy. He wants to be a daddy. He calls everyone ‘daddy.’

Brendan: He’s like the rock.

EJ: The most.

Roxy Sowlaty of #RichKids of Beverly Hills: Why Haters Don’t Bother Me — Exclusive
Credit: E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

On, it says you went to Parsons for a master’s degree in interior design. Now you’ve opened your own interior design firm. How’s that going?

I have a huge townhouse I’m working in in New York City, that you’ll see on the show later on. I have another beautiful townhouse I’m working on in San Francisco for these amazing high profile clients. So I feel very fortunate to have these amazing opportunities through referrals. I did an amazing home in Aspen. There’s so much going on, with doing these homes and the show. It’s a lot at once.

Things got crazy on the Cabo trip! Anything else you can tease that’s coming up later this season?

We have a little bit of a drama. Dorothy calls me an intern in regards to hiring me to do her apartment. I did not like that. I am not an intern. I’ve done like $10 million houses, so I knew it was a little jab at me. So we get through that moment, and you’ll see. But I was pissed.

Look for Roxy’s fight with Dorothy during the February 16 episode. #RichKids of Beverly Hills airs on E! Sunday nights at 10 p.m., right after Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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