Once Upon a Time: Does Rumple Have it Better Than Regina?
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time: Does Rumple Have it Better Than Regina?

Are you Team Regina or Team Rumplestiltskin? While we prefer to embrace both of Once Upon a Time's occasionally redeemable villains, Regina and Rumple's fans don't always see eye to eye. Is one treated unfairly in comparison to the other?

Some fans have complained that Season 2 was all about Regina, Regina, and more Regina. She got heaps of backstory, and the writers seemed to take every opportunity they could to let Lana Parrilla pull at our heartstrings with her beautiful tears. However, on the flip side of that are Regina fans who think their favorite is treated unfairly, especially in comparison to Rumple. At least the Dark One's True Love is alive!

Do the OUAT writers think they're letting Rumple off easy in comparison to Regina? Not according to creator Adam Horowitz.

Adam recently engaged in a back-and-forth with fans on Twitter, arguing that while Rumple has Belle, he very clearly does not have Nealfire's affection right now, while Regina does have Henry's love.

Oh, and in case you're wondering: Yes, Henry's love for Regina is real.

In the end, Adam's most adamant message is that fans shouldn't assume they know where the story is going or make a judgement yet. After all, it's hard to say whether Regina or Rumple will wind up better off in the end when OUAT has at least one more season, and hopefully many on top of that, before their stories are resolved.

Is Regina treated unfairly compared to Rumple? Sound off in the comments below!

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Source: @AdamHorowitzLA

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