Runner-Up Kree Harrison Talks Second Place, Kelly Pickler, Favorite Judge
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American Idol

Runner-Up Kree Harrison Talks Second Place, Kelly Pickler, Favorite Judge

Almost one week ago, Kree Harrison did not win season 12 of American Idol — but she's not letting that get her down.

"There's so many Idols that I look up to: Carrie [Underwood], Kelly [Clarkson], Kellie Pickler's one of my best friends," the 22-year-old Texan said. "[Kellie] is such a strong woman and her work ethic is incredible. So for me, there's so many. It doesn't matter where you place. Jennifer Hudson! I mean, come on!"

Kellie, who is now in the finals of Dancing With The Stars, finished sixth on her season, only one spot better than Jennifer on her season. Kree says Kellie was there by her side all season giving her advice.

"She always told me, 'Just stay Kree and never Google yourself.' Her grandpa actually came to one of the tapings of the show. I was so happy he was in the audience rooting for me." It sounds like these two are total besties already.

On June 4, Kree and Kellie will share the Grand Ole Opry stage with superstar judge Keith Urban. Kree says Keith's support and helpful advice will stick around with her post-American Idol and onward into her career.

"All four judges always gave me great advice, and Keith more than anything," she said. Kree confessed that Keith helped teach her how to wear her "heart on her sleeve" and open up about her childhood and parents.

"But I feel like I found a happy medium through his constructive criticism. I feel like he's really helped me with that, as well as the other three judges. For some many, different reasons I love each one of them."

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Source: MTV News