True Blood Trivia: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rutina Wesley
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True Blood

True Blood Trivia: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rutina Wesley

While fans of True Blood may have come to know and love smart-mouth baby vamp Tara Thornton, most people don’t know a lot about her off-screen counterpart, Rutina Wesley. However, being fans that we are, we’ve decided to share a few fun facts about the actress:

True Blood Trivia: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rutina Wesley
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10. Rutina recently filed for divorce from her husband of 8 years.

On August 16, Rutina filed from divorce from her husband, Jacob Fishel, after 8 years of marriage. The two met while studying at Juilliard and married after they graduated the summer of 2005.

9. Rutina met co-star Nelsan Ellis at Juilliard.

Aside from her future ex-husband, Rutina met and befriended Nelsan Ellis — who would go on to be her co-star and on-screen cousin, Lafayette Reynolds on True Blood — at Juilliard.

8. Rutina’s bi-coastal!

The actress currently splits her time between a residence in Los Angeles, Calif. and Astoria, Queens, New York City.

7. Rutina was awkwardly mistaken for another celebrity at the Emmys!

In 2010, Rutina was awkwardly mistaken for another prominent African American actress at the Emmys. While entering the 62nd annual event, Rutina was captioned as Regina King, a mistake that many, including Rutina, found puzzling (as the two ladies look nothing alike). The faux pas prompted Regina to take immediate action in a heated letter to the Huffington Post.

6. Rutina is originally from Las Vegas.

While Rutina plays southern vamp Tara, the actress is originally from Las Vegas — and born into a family of performers, no less! Rutina’s mom, Cassandra Wesley, was a Las Vegas showgirl, while her dad, Ivery Wheeler, was a professional tap dancer.

True Blood Trivia: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rutina Wesley
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5. Rutina made her screen debut in the dance movie “How She Move.”

Rutina, who had been a working theater actress, made her first screen debut in the lead role of the dance movie How She Moves. For the role, the actress had to undergo an intense five-week dance rehearsal and dialect coaching to portray her character who was of Jamaican descent.

4. Rutina was once a dancing busboy.

One of Rutina’s earlier jobs was a waitress/busboy at Roxy’s Diner in the Las Vegas Stratosphere Casino. This lady actually had to sing and dance to entertain customers — a far cry from her insult-slinging days as Merlotte’s resident bartender. Rutina also doubled as an elevator operator in the casino.

3. Rutina has a fear of heights.

We have a feeling that Rutina’s job as an elevator operator wasn’t much fun for her.

2. Rutina’s a fan of karaoke!

Growing up in Las Vegas sure left its mark on this lady, and she admitted in an interview with Craig Ferguson that she likes to partake in a little karaoke in her spare time!

1. Rutina met Dean Martin as a Kid!

During an interview with Wendy Williams, Rutina revealed that her family worked with Vegas mega-star and Rat Pack icon, Dean Martin. According to Rutina’s dad, when the superstar saw baby Rutina moving around in her baby carriage, he placed a 100 dollar bill in her hand and said that she was going to be a star. Looks like the King of Cool was right!

Did you know these fun facts about Rutina Wesley? Tell us below!

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