Ryan Edwards’s Fiancée Defends His Parenting After Maci Bashes Him on ‘Teen Mom OG’
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Ryan Edwards

Ryan Edwards’s Fiancée Defends His Parenting After Maci Bashes Him on ‘Teen Mom OG’


You know how we know Ryan Edwards has finally found the perfect girl for him? She’ll have his back no matter what!

Despite making some strides in the parenting department, the May 1 episode of Teen Mom OG definitely made Ryan out to look like a lazy father — Maci Bookout even said her ex wasn’t good for anything when it came to their son Bentley except for “helping me create him.” Ouch!



But Mackenzie Standifer isn’t standing for this (ha, get it?!) and is defending her future husband’s dad skills.


Clearly not shy about airing her grievances on social media — remember when she said a few weeks ago she “regrets every day” agreeing to be on TMOG?! — the 20-year-old took to Twitter last night during the episode to share hers and Ryan’s side of the story.

Though it seemed as though Bentley, 8, wanted to go with his mom Maci and stepdad Taylor McKinney to Texas for Thanksgiving (which is what he did), Mack insisted Benny told Ryan he wanted to spend the holiday with them, too, but that we didn’t get to see that part on the show.


The single mom also said she wasn’t trying to make Maci look bad by saying this, but rather wanted fans to know there are "two sides to every story."



Maci, for her part, wasn’t too thrilled at all of this being discussed on a public forum like Twitter, and even retweeted her mom, Sharon Bookout, who questioned why Mackenzie was putting sensitive family matters so out in the open. Yikes!

Still, Mack, who’s planning a November 2017 wedding to Ryan, promised he’s an amazing father and she “appreciates him 100 percent.”

Despite her harsh words on the episode, Maci told Wetpaint last month Ryan is “100 percent moving in the right direction” when it comes to being a good father to Bentley, so we’d like to assume this fiasco is just an isolated incident.

Let’s put it behind us and move on, people — at least until next week’s ep!

Are you happy Mackenzie is standing by Ryan? Do you think MTV gives the dads an unfair edit? Share your thoughts below.

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