Is Ryan Edwards’s Girlfriend Shelby Woods Pregnant?
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Is Ryan Edwards’s Girlfriend Shelby Woods Pregnant?

Just about a month after Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards reunited with girlfriend Shelby Woods, it appears that the couple might be expecting! Sure, Ryan may still be on thin ice with Shelby after cheating on her “over 20 times,” but apparently that hasn’t stopped the two from getting even more serious!

On April 3, Maci Bookout’s baby daddy took to Twitter and wrote ominously (and a little illegibly), “Well s— Shelby jus my found out me was pregnant.” Wait… what?!

Many of Ryan’s followers were on the same confused page as us, writing things like, “are you speaking English?” and “huh?” However, it’s safe to say that we all had the same idea: “Are you trying to say Shelby is pregnant?”

It would be a bit of a shock if Ryan knocked up Shelby, considering how on-and-off their relationship has been. While Maci’s life has been a lot more stable these days as she attends school and raises son Bentley, her ex has been a little all over the place. First, he had a dramatic split from girlfriend Dalis Connell last summer, which had Dalis claiming he’d cheated on her. Then, he took up with new gal Shelby, but admitted to cheating on her the aforementioned 20 times. Oh, Ryan!

But the two did eventually patch things up, and have seemed better than ever. While we’d be very happy for them if they are pregnant, it looks like it might have been a false alarm. Less than an hour after the first tweet, Ryan followed up with, “Nothing like getting let down.” He didn’t go on to elaborate, but we may not be seeing any little siblings for Bentley just yet.

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