Ryan Reynolds Gives a Lap Dance and Talks Andrew Garfield Kiss (VIDEO)
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Ryan Reynolds Gives a Lap Dance and Talks Andrew Garfield Kiss (VIDEO)


Ryan Reynolds may have been snubbed by the Oscars for his role in Deadpool, but he's still been recognized by Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Institute as their Man of the Year in an ultra-entertaining ceremony!

Ryan Reynolds
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The group traditionally roasts the recipient of the award in a fun-filled gala (Hidden Figures star Octavia Spencer was 2017's Woman of the Year), and this time was no exception.

The 40-year-old war ribbed for some of his past roles, including notorious bomb The Green Lantern, and was outfitted with a Deadpool-adorned bra, among other things.

During the event's press conference, Ryan was asked who the better kisser was: His wife Blake Lively, or fellow actor Andrew Garfield, with whom he locked lips at this year's Golden Globes.

"I'm gonna go with my wife on that one," the star answered between laughs. "For a number of reasons."

But the highlight of the night was definitely the actor's lap dance.

Hasty Pudding member Kyle Whelihan performed a sketch as "Blake Deadly," a parody of Ryan's wife, and received a scintillating lap dance in exchange for his efforts.

"No sexy music, I'm just gonna go freestyle?" Ryan asked before rubbing his velvet tuxedo all up in Kyle's business. "I have 'Greatest American Hero' in my head, so I can just give it a shot."

Do you think Ryan gave a worthy performance as Man of the Year?