American Idol

American Idol 2014 Judges Dish About Season 13: “We Have A Great Time” (VIDEO)

If you’ve wondered whether the on-screen chemistry between the American Idol judges this season is the real deal, wonder no more. The three musketeers and irreplaceable host Ryan Seacrest chatted up Entertainment Tonight’s Rob Marciano, and they couldn’t have gushed about one another more.

“They’re professional … they’re down to earth. They value what’s important in life and we have a great time here,” Harry Connick, Jr. said of fellow judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez.

Ryan seconded that notion, saying, “We almost forget that we’re on television.”

When asked whether it’s his job to keep the judges’s comments to a minimum, Ryan joked, “I’ve learned to shut up because they’re so much more entertaining than I am.”

The judges have even learned to take the inevitable “boos” that come with the job in stride. Harry laughed about the audience reaction to his recent critique that one hopeful was off-key, while Jennifer joked, “They boo you [Harry] but they won’t boo Keith.”

Speaking of Keith, is he the hopeless romantic that he’s reputed to be? Ladies, hold on to your hats, as the answer is a big “yes.”

When Rob asked him if he, indeed, writes wife Nicole Kidman love letters each night, as was recently reported, the sexy Aussie smiled sweetly and said, “You do what you did in the beginning” to keep the romance alive. Sigh.

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