What’s Ryan Seacrest’s Secret Talent? Keith Urban Finds Out!
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American Idol

What’s Ryan Seacrest’s Secret Talent? Keith Urban Finds Out!

Ryan Seacrest is a man of many talents. Not only do we see him on the American Idol stage each week, making the contestants (and the judges) look good, but he’s also a radio DJ and E! News anchor. We’re exhausted just thinking about his work schedule!

And now, thanks to Keith Urban’s new Idle Chatter video series that takes us behind the scenes of Idol, we know Ryan’s got another skill hiding up his sleeve: playing the bass.

We had no idea Ryan was so musical! Where did he find the time to pick up an instrument? However he made it happen, we’re glad to hear he has something in common with the Idol team. We won’t see him competing anytime soon, though. Ryan says it’s just a way he likes to unwind.

“It’s been a few years, but I kind of keep it quiet,” Ryan says of his bass career. “Just to get into the zone before we go out and do the show.”

We’d love to see Keith and Ryan rock out, but it sounds like our favorite host is a little shy about his talents. “You’re good, though, bro,” Ryan tells Keith when he suggests they jam together. “I’m just getting started.”

Don’t underestimate yourself, Ryan. From what we heard, you sound pretty good!

Watch the full video here and let us know what you think of Ryan’s hidden talent! Are you surprised at his bass skills?

Source: E! News