Ryan Sutter Didn’t Want to Do Marriage Boot Camp With Wife Trista! Why Not?
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Ryan Sutter Didn’t Want to Do Marriage Boot Camp With Wife Trista! Why Not?

It’s been 11 years (egads time flies!) since we watched the very first Bachelorette, Trista Rehn, become Mrs. Sutter during her televised wedding to winner Ryan Sutter. Oh how we’ve missed the couple that made us believe in the realness of reality television love, and we’re so glad we get to see more of them on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp. But the magic we’re anticipating on that show almost didn’t happen, because Ryan didn’t want to be in the cast. Why ever not?

For a couple who met, wooed, and wed on national television, participating in very public relationship counseling just seems par for the course. But according to Ryan, too much has changed in reality television over the decade since he and Trista were first on it. In an interview with HuffPost Live, the firefighter reveals “it was intrusive enough when we were on it and now it’s even more so.” We, Tori Spelling, and all of the Real Housewives have no idea what you mean, Ryan.

The father of two went on to explain that, “They (the producers) probably wouldn’t mind if our relationship crumbled on their show, you know. We would obviously mind that. So that was the big thing. Once we felt like their intent wasn’t to destroy us but was really to help us grow, then it became something we were willing to do.”

Producers are not drama hounds, Ryan. They just want to tell stories about the essence of what it is to be human. Really outrageous, juicy stories with lots of high school name-calling, unwed pregnancies, little people, wardrobe malfunctions, and pulling of hair weaves. No bigs.

We’re glad the powers that be behind Marriage Boot Camp were able to ease Ryan’s fears and that he and Trista agreed to the show. The power couple is a shining beacon of all things beautiful and we can’t wait to bask in their glow yet again.

And, it appears Trista and Ryan are trendsetters. Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell will also be seeking relationship advice in the public eye when they return to reality television this fall in VH1’s Couple Therapy. Ay yi yi, apparently their relationship ees not ok.

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Source: HuffPost Live