Ryan Sutter Talks About Divorce: Trouble With Trista?
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The Bachelorette

Ryan Sutter Talks About Divorce: Trouble With Trista?

Even after all these years The Bachelorette’s golden couple, Trista and Ryan Sutter, still give us butterflies in our heart place. In a world where dudes who bathe in grease cheat on the likes of Sandra Bullock and not even Edward and Bella can make it work, Trista and Ryan’s love has been a shining beacon of hope for us romantical types. So why oh why is Ryan using the D word (as in divorce) lately?

The couple chatted with HuffPost Live to promote their new show Marriage Boot Camp, and when asked whether they’d ever considered divorce, Mr. Trista answered with a resounding no. Whew. Commence breathing again in 3-2-1. “If you don’t consider it an option, then you’re forced to work through things,” Ryan said. “Consider it as almost significant as dying. You wouldn’t say ‘well the solution to this problem is I just have to die.’ You just figure out a way to go on living and making your marriage work.”

While that went to a slightly dark place, we’re glad to hear these two aren’t on the road to splitsville. In fact, Trista says the reason they went on the show was to gain marriage skills that will hopefully “give us the launching platform into the next few decades.” Launch on, fair lovers. Launch on.

What do you think of Ryan comparing divorce to death? Fair assessment or over the top? Let us know down below.

Source: HuffPost Live