Sabrina Bryan on the Dancing With the Stars Cruises and Today’s Sweepstakes! — Exclusive
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Dancing With The Stars

Sabrina Bryan on the Dancing With the Stars Cruises and Today’s Sweepstakes! — Exclusive

What's better than a chance to meet and dance with your favorite Dancing With the Stars contestant and pros? The chance to do so while taking in beautiful coastal sights, obviously. Holland America Line is offering a series of "Dancing With the Stars: At Sea" cruises in which guests can participate in complementary dance classes and compete for a place in the Champions Cruise in January. Some of these cruises even boast appearances by DWTS stars! (Click here for all the details.)

Better yet, the cruise line is holding a sweepstakes for that Champions Cruise. If you enter, you and a special guest of your choosing could win tickets for the seven-day sail around the Caribbean! Just be sure to enter right now, since entries are due today!

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with fan fave contestant Sabrina Bryan about all these exciting developments at the Actors Fund's Looking Ahead 10 Year Celebration.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about the cruise. How did that come about for you? Why did you want to do it?
Sabrina Bryan: Well, the producers that were involved with Dancing With the Stars: Live in Las Vegas at the New Tropicana Las Vegas approached me actually right when I was doing the all-star season. And they were like, "We have this really awesome opportunity. Will you think about it?” And I was like, "Great. That sounds like a lot of fun."

We went on the first one in February, and it is such a fun cruise, especially for people that really are fans of the show. Throughout the cruise, throughout the week, they have so many different events — and there's classes, it seems, every day almost on the cruise. And what's really, really exciting is [that] everyone gets a chance to the go the [finale] in January. There's like a... big competition where they get a prize... I'm excited because I'm set to be on that cruise as well, and it's going to be so much fun. And of course, you get to enjoy, obviously, what you go on a cruise for: all the sightseeing. The ports were amazing. We were at the Caribbean in February. Getting ready to take off the next couple of cruises. One's going to be in the New England area, and then I'm joining the two Alaskan cruises in July. So it's just a really fun cruise that just seems like – it's different than, I think, your average cruise... This is really incorporating the excitement and the glitz and glam of what Dancing with the Stars brings.

Sabrina Bryan on the Dancing With the Stars Cruises and Today’s Sweepstakes! — Exclusive
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ ABC    

So are the shows similar to what you do in Vegas?
Yeah, there's bits of the show that you get to see in Vegas, which we got great reviews on. Everyone really loved that show. So there's bits of that. I have a number that comes straight from our Vegas show that was never done on television. And then, numbers that you've seen. I know for the Alaskan one, Shawn Johnson is doing a number she's done on her two seasons of the show. And so the celebrities bring either new routines or... a flashback of what you've seen already on the television show. So the very opening number is very Vegas-style — lots of feathers, lots of fun stuff — and it incorporates, obviously, to Dancing with the Stars' Latin ballroom dancing style. The very first number is very Vegas showgirl. It's probably one of my favorite costumes that I get to wear on the show. I love it. It's so fun.

It sounds like everything's going really well!
Yeah, I'm super-psyched for this cruise. I hope that the people that are looking and hearing a lot more about the cruise realize how much fun and what a great opportunity it is if you are a Dancing with the Stars fan. I mean we're walking around the cruise, just like everyone else is. All the dancers are there. There is one night that was awesome that they did on deck last time where a lot of the pro dancers actually got up and started dancing with the people on the cruise line and spinning them and giving them a dip. And — oh, my gosh — that was so much fun. It felt like a barbecue dance, a party out on the deck. I don't know if you've heard about the sweepstakes that's going on. It's great because it gives you an opportunity to win an actual trip for that week that's going to be crowning our "Dancing with the Stars: At Sea" champion. So it will be great... I'm excited that there's a sweepstakes opportunity for the fans.

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