The Originals: Sabrina vs. Davina — Who’s the Best Teenage Witch?

The Originals

The Originals: Sabrina vs. Davina — Who’s the Best Teenage Witch?

Before The Originals took off a few weeks ago, we didn’t think much about Danielle Campbell’s Davina Claire, but just as soon as we saw the teenage witch locked up in her attic with her fabulous powers, we immediately began drawing comparisons between Davina and her '90s counterpart, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (played by Melissa Joan Hart).

When it boils down to it, these two ladies have five key points that can help us compare which teenage witch deserves to take home the title of being our favorite.

Their Bedrooms

The Originals: Sabrina vs. Davina — Who’s the Best Teenage Witch?

When it comes to bedrooms, it’s all about being bright and airy while having a soft, comfy bed to throw yourself on at the end of the day. Remember Sabrina’s quaint little Boston home? Her bedroom has bright purple walls, dark hardwood floors, and some serious eclectic design. But you know what the best aspect about her room was? The fact that it wasn’t a creepy attic.

Sure, Sabrina’s bedroom was on the second floor of the house, but it was a far-cry from Davina’s dark, dingy, and coffin-filled bedroom. Did we also mention that a massacre happened on the first floor of Davina’s creepy church pad? Rebekah (Claire Holt) might not mind standing in some blood, but we have a strict no-massacre policy for our living arrangements.

Their Caretakers

The Originals: Sabrina vs. Davina — Who’s the Best Teenage Witch?

We’re going to warn you, this one is going to totally depend on whether or not you want hot male vampires fighting over you or if you want two kooky aunts keeping a watchful eye on your teenage happenings.

With Hilda Spellman (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda Spellman (Beth Broderick) being two of the most adorable aunts to ever walk the earth, we always knew that Sabrina would be safe from any supernatural creatures that could walk in and out of their closet. Sure, they kept a close watch on their niece, but they provided her with a nice house, nice clothes, and endless dating don’ts.

As for Davina, she’s got Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) having some major male dominance issues, fighting over her and her powers. They both have promised to protect her, but Klaus probably has an ulterior motive and Marcel keeps her locked up all the time. Sure, they make excellent eye candy, but they are poor caretakers.

Their Fashion

Just use the above photo of Davina and Sabrina to help guide your decision. While Davina keeps it stylish in Free People frocks, showing off her super girly side, Sabrina was from the ‘90s, an age where jorts, leather pants, crop tops, and strange fabric choices were the style norm. It’s important to note that Sabrina was very stylish for her time and Davina is more a classic girly girl. While Davina’s style is timeless, Sabrina’s look is more indicative of a simpler nostalgic time. One thing is for certain: we love the ‘90s!

P.S. Sabrina’s greatest accessory was Salem, a 500-year-old witch whose plans for world domination landed him the sad punishment of being trapped in a cat’s body. That little guy was everything.

Their Boyfriends

The Originals: Sabrina vs. Davina — Who’s the Best Teenage Witch?

While we did get to know Harvey Kinkle (Nate Richert) over the course of all seven seasons of Sabrina, but we have a major beef with him when, in Season 4, he dumped his girlfriend after finding out she was a witch. Sure, he arrived just in time before she married Aaron and proved that he was her soulmate, but he didn’t initially accept Sabrina for who she really was. That’s not cool at all. Sure, they ran off together and shared a final kiss as No Doubt played the show off, but Harvey has some serious explaining to do.

As for Davina, we only just met her super hot potential love interest, but from the way things went down, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Tim (Shane Coffey) again anytime soon. We learned that the two went to school together and that Davina harbored unresolved feelings for him, but when Klaus threw him over the balcony in the church, we thought he was a goner. Luckily for Davina (and Tim), Klaus healed the violin player and sent him off on his merry way.

Their Powers

The Originals: Sabrina vs. Davina — Who’s the Best Teenage Witch?
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Sabrina and her aunts were old school witches. They depended on a spellbook and used potions and cauldrons to do their magic, and in true ‘90s fashion, they were all very quirky and clumsy. In order to add a bit of humor to the show, these witches seemed to always have something go wrong. Luckily Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was a family show and wasn’t dark at all — with as many times as things went wrong, bad things could have happened.

Davina, on the other hand, is totally in control of her powers — proving so to both Klaus and Marcel by making their blood boil. But the real showcase of Davina’s powers came during her epic showdown with Klaus in the church, as he held her crush Tim in a chokehold. Marcel’s secret weapon showed just how powerful she was by making the church basically implode on itself, making glass and paper fly everywhere. We recommend not getting on Davina’s bad side.

How about it, which teenage witch takes the cake? Hit the comments below to let us know if you prefer Sabrina or Davina!

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