Salem’s Seth Gabel: 5 Things to Know About the WGN Actor
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Salem’s Seth Gabel: 5 Things to Know About the WGN Actor

Seven episodes in, you know the Salem character Cotton Mather pretty well. Based on the real-life Puritan minister, WGN imagines young Cotton as a squirrelly anti-villain (is that a thing?) who uses the Bible to condemn others' behavior, but sleeps with at least a prostitute an episode... although it's possible he'll become a one-prostitute kinda guy at some point. While he'll form uneasy alliances with characters like John Alden (Shane West), he's not a great dude to have around — since however well-intentioned he may be, he hangs suspected witches on the reg.

Good thing that the actor behind him, Seth Gabel, is way more pleasant! This dreamy-eyed hottie has been gracing our small screens for a good, long while, but is largely unsung as a star. Time to switch that up! Read on for five things to know about Seth Gabel.

He's Married to Bryce Dallas Howard. Seth is married to actress Bryce Dallas Howard — making director Ron Howard his father-in-law! The couple has two children, son Theodore and daughter Beatrice.

Bryce and Seth starred in a Funny or Die short together, a Nicholas Sparks parody called "The Hug."

He Got Started in Acting Because of Free Candy. The 31-year-old eventually fell in love with acting because of the craft or whatever, but it all started with one easy-to-hack vending machine. "When I was 11, my friend, [Frozen actor] Josh Gad … asked me to check out an acting camp with him, just to try it out for a day," he reflects to Anthem Magazine. "They had a vending machine there, and I was able to reach my hand in to sneak out some candy. I loved being there. I kept telling my mom I wanted to go back to acting camp."

"I started to fall in love with the process of acting," he adds.

You Know Him From Fringe. We Fringe superfans recognized Seth immediately, but for casual observers: He looks familiar for his role as Lincoln Lee in Seasons 3 and 4 of the FOX series. While he was written off at the end of Season 4, he returned briefly late in Season 5.

His Stage Name Comes From His Actor Great-Uncle. In the same Anthem interview, Seth is asked about his birth name, Seth Cosentino, versus his stage name. "I got Cosentino from my adopted stepfather," he explains. "We had an agreement that I should come up with another name because i don't look Italian at all … he helped me come up with a new last name."

So why "Gabel"? "When I was growing up, I heard a story about Martin Gabel, an actor from a long time ago who happens to be my great uncle," he says. Apparently Martin, who started as a radio narrator in the 1940s, had a tough go at acting, and his family didn't approve. "He had to make a bold choice and sever from his family in order to pursue acting … [His story] made me want to take whatever risks I need to take in order to pursue my dreams."

He's a Spurs Fan. When asked by Craig Ferguson who his basketball team is, he responds the Spurs, "because I love Greg Popovich." His allegiance isn't too strong, though: He likes a lot of teams, he clarifies, and he likes following individual players.

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