Did Sam and Nia Rader Fake Their Pregnancy and Miscarriage? He Says…
Sam and Nia Rader
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Did Sam and Nia Rader Fake Their Pregnancy and Miscarriage? He Says…


Responding to rising skepticism, Sam Rader has admitted the pregnancy and miscarriage he and wife Nia documented on YouTube was “staged”... but not in the way you think.


In case you’ve been oblivious to these viral videos, the buzz started when Sam surprised his wife with a “reverse pregnancy announcement.” (We won’t go into the nitty-gritty here, but let’s just say urine theft was involved.


Three days after uploading that video, they posted another called “Our Baby Had a Heartbeat,” claiming Nia had suffered a miscarriage.


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A lot of online commenters have cast suspicion onto their story, and now the Christian vlogger couple is responding to the “haterade” in a new video aptly called “RESPONDING TO HATE COMMENTS!” (All-cap letters are theirs.)

“The un-acceptance that this world has shown our family has actually been a blessing to me,” he says. “God told us we’re going to be hated, so what we’re seeing right now is God’s will being played out for our lives as Christians. We’re being persecuted somewhat.”


He says the media scrutiny doesn’t get him down — he’s actually excited to be
“chosen” to handle it: “That’s just what comes with being a Christian and being a God-filled family.”


“So the world is choosing to be deceived, and there’s nothing we can do about it. That’s why I’m not trying to defend myself to anybody,” he continues. “Anybody who asks me, ‘Was it fake?’ — I don’t even feel like responding to it, but no, it wasn’t fake. That’s pretty much all I’ll say.”


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“Or like one interviewer asked me, ‘Was it all staged?’ A lot of people think it was staged. I’m like, you know what? It was staged. It was all orchestrated by God above and nothing less. I’ll say stuff like that just to kind of throw them off, but it doesn’t make me happy that people are deceived, but it does make me happy that God chose our family out of the world.”


A day after posting the miscarriage video, Sam and Nia posted a video of themselves trying (and failing) to get into Legoland without paying, and in the same video, Sam joyfully announced to Nia that he quit his job as a nurse.


Well, we’re glad he can be so happy so soon after what must have been a devastating loss.