Vlogger Sam Rader Responds to Shocking Ashley Madison Rumors
Credit: Sam Rader on YouTube    

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Vlogger Sam Rader Responds to Shocking Ashley Madison Rumors


Well at least Josh Duggar doesn’t have to feel alone anymore. Another Christian celebrity has had to admit to using the affair-friendly dating site Ashley Madison — YouTube vlogger Sam Rader.


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Sam is the same guy who went viral for posting a video where he informed his own wife, Nia, she was pregnant. The couple was already going through a rough time recently, since they announced Nia’s miscarriage days after the pregnancy video.


But now it's been leaked that an account linked to Sam’s name and email address was making huge payments to Ashley Madison two years ago. The vlogger doled out two $189 installments in September 2013 — the same month Nia gave birth to their second child — according to the hacked information. The Daily Mail says there were also four other $14 payments.

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Sam reacted quickly and posted a video copping to the appalling rumors. He and Nia went the good wife route, as she steadfastly sat next to him while looking supportive. The dad-of-two kicks off the video explaining the Ashley Madison account, “is an issue that is in our past. This was before I got onto YouTube.” Apparently both Nia and his church had already known about Sam's account for years.


So why did he join a site made specifically for affairs? Sam reveals the decision was out of “pure fleshly desire and sinful curiosity.” But despite his thirst he promises, “I’ve never met with a single person face-to-face through that website. I never had an affair with anybody, ever, while I’ve been married.”

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Let's hope he's telling the truth! After taking a second huge blow to their marriage, we're crossing our fingers Sam and Nia only have smooth sailing from now on.