Sam Trammell on True Blood Season 7: “I Don’t Want Eric to Be Dead.”
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True Blood

Sam Trammell on True Blood Season 7: “I Don’t Want Eric to Be Dead.”

When we last left shifter Sam Merlotte, we learned that the silver fox had sold his bar to Arlene in order to become the Mayor of Bon Temps … a new and distinguished role for the daddy-to-be.

We’re going to miss not seeing Sam’s scruffy face until next summer, but luckily the actor that plays him is willing to talk about True Blood before then! Sam Trammell recently shared some thoughts on the show’s Season 6 finale, and elaborated on what might be in store for Season 7.

When asked whether or not he thought Eric Northman had met the True Death, Trammell answered, “I don't want Eric to be dead! “ and added, “It's good that he's near water, even if it's frozen water. That seems to be a safer place than somewhere you couldn't put it out. It seems like it could go either way.”

Shorty after Sam’s interview, showrunner Brian Buckner confirmed that Eric Northman will be back for Season 7, perhaps having sought protection from the sun in the ice water Sam referred to. Either way, we know Sam will be happy to have A.Skars around for another season.

But what about Sam’s hook-up with Nicole Wright? Shifters must have some strong swimmers, although Trammell admitted that the two characters didn’t use protection. “I don't know what to say about that. I guess the gas station or the drugstore were all out [of condoms]. I don't think I was planning on it, that's the thing. I don't think we were planning on doing it. Sam was definitely not carrying around condoms the day after Luna died, you know? It wouldn't have been [laughs] ... but that's a very good point,” he said.

In addition to the unexpected pregnancy, Sam also said that it’s possible the Hep V had spread to humans via vampire sex and that condoms might be a good idea for the rest of the town, too. He explained, “I got to put that in my next speech as mayor. That's probably how it got spread so quick. I'm just guessing here, but it would have to be from having sex with a vampire or intravenous drugs, like any other kind of hepatitis spreads.”

Hmm. Suddenly being a fang banger does’t sound so appealing. Seems like Bon Temps needs a “safe sex” campaign stat!

Do you think Sam will make a good mayor?

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