Did Sam Woolf Deserve to Be Saved on American Idol 2014?
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Did Sam Woolf Deserve to Be Saved on American Idol 2014?

We wished there was a way to keep all of the Top 8 on the American Idol stage for one more week, and surprisingly enough, we got our wish! After Sam Woolf was voted off the Idol island last night, the judges unanimously decided to save him, using their one save of the season. Sam stays to see another week, and we get to see Sam adorably croon another song as he sings for his life in next week’s performance show.

Sam was put into a tough position this week. His second go at Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House” was awesome, but everyone else in the competition was seriously on their game! We don’t know what kind of pep talk they received behind the scenes from Randy Jackson and/or the judges, but the group Brought It.

So while all the performances this week were solid, many of them were amazing, making solid look not so good. This left Sam at the bottom of the competition, despite how much we’re hoping the 17-year-old cutie finds success in Hollywood.

Now the real question is this: Did Sam deserve to be saved? We think so. Sam’s got the talent behind his good looks to stay in the competition, but he needs to develop his confidence — something we hope he’ll take seriously as he prepares for next week’s performance.

Besides, there are a lot of teenage fans — and teen fans at heart, like us — who would have been heartbroken to see Sam go this week. Don’t believe us? Just ask his whopping 53,000 Twitter followers.

Do you think Sam deserved the save, or should the judges have kept it in their pocket in case they need it in the coming weeks?

04.4.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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