Believe it or not, before Sammi Sweetheart became a professional guidette, she was a total athlete.

The former Jersey Shore star played soccer in college and loves to post pics from her days on the field. In a recent throwback Instagram post, Sammi is wearing shinguards, cleats, and sports shorts during a game. She wrote, "Lmao #soccer #wpu #goodolddays #2 #TBT." Pretty different from her outfits at Club Karma, eh?

Sammi also credits soccer to her change in body type. Last year, she told Sun-Sentinel, “When I was playing soccer [during Season 1], I was a lot more thicker. Was more muscular. I'm not doing the hard college workout now that I used to. I think I'm a decent size, just not crazy muscles."

We think she looks great whether she's hitting the red carpet or hitting the locker rooms! What do you think of Sammi's soccer pic? Weigh in below!