Sammi Sweetheart on Ronnie Magro’s Health Scare: “It Was Terrifying” — Exclusive
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Sammi Sweetheart on Ronnie Magro’s Health Scare: “It Was Terrifying” — Exclusive

Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro are known for their lighthearted bickering, but things took a very serious turn in April when Ron, in Florida at the time, was hospitalized due to a kidney problem. After rushing to be with him, Sammi stayed was by his side for his entire two-week stay. Wetpaint Entertainment recently spoke with Sammi, who opened up to us about the frightening experience.

When we asked how Ron was feeling, Sammi responded, “Much better, thank god.” It was much scarier than either of them imagined, though. “At first, the doctors thought it was kidney stones, but it turns out, it’s just a hereditary condition he needs to deal with,” she revealed. “He was in the hospital twelve days. Things are better now — not back to normal, but better.”

His illness, she explains, prompted the couple to reevaluate their habits. “Since we’ve been back, we’ve started living a lot healthier. We’re keeping the booze away and working out more, eating better. We’re also just trying to be more positive and happier people."

Besides going on a health kick, the scare also gave Ronnie and Sammi a new appreciation for each other. “We realized life is short and anything can happen. It definitely brought us closer together,” she said. “And it bonded me more with his family, too, because they were there with us the whole time.”

Does that mean we should expect wedding bells soon? “We’re still taking things slowly,” she assures Wetpaint. “But we feel really good about where things are headed.”

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