Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh Discusses That Cristina-Owen Goodbye, the Last Scene She Shot
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh Discusses That Cristina-Owen Goodbye, the Last Scene She Shot

We see a cohesive whole whenever we watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but each is often disjointed for the actors to film, since the scenes in each script aren't filmed in order. Luckily, Sandra Oh's (Cristina Yang) final scene — in the May 15 season finale — was a momentous and symbolic one.

"My very final moment of shooting was with Kevin, and it was the final moment where Cristina says goodbye to Owen [Kevin McKidd]," she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"It was a beautiful image of Cristina in the gallery, basically behind glass and tapping on the OR theater below," she explains. "Symbolically, with that distance, it cinematically tells the story of where they are and also puts a distance that they don't want between them."

And the scene was challenging to film — but in the most fitting way possible: "It felt right because it was tough shooting that. Both Kevin and I, when we were shooting each other's close-ups, the other person was in the complete dark. We were both holding a flashlight up to our face so that we could actually see each other. Usually Kevin and I are about a foot away from each other, so for there to be so much space between the glass was really rich. It's not happiness; it's not sadness. It was very full and rich — even in the way we wanted to be closer to each other, which is exactly like how Cristina and Owen are: They just want to be closer to each other. It's just not the time now."

In other news, we haven't stopped tearing up in the past 15 hours.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 airs this fall.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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