Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd “So Moved” by Twitter Fan Gift
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd “So Moved” by Twitter Fan Gift

Guys, it’s almost time to let go of Cristina Yang for good. Now that Sandra Oh has officially completed her final Grey’s Anatomy table read, the end is getting closer and closer — and sooner rather than later, Grey Sloan Memorial is going to have to find itself a new cardio god.

There are perks to leaving a job you’ve had for ten years, though: Going away presents. And thanks to some sweet fans, they’ve already started rolling in for Sandra — and Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt), who got to share in one she received recently.

Sandra tweeted a photo of herself and Kevin holding up a fan gift: a photo book covered in Crowen quotes and references, like the words “single malt scotch,” a drink Owen’s compared Cristina to in the past.

“What a surprise!” Sandra said. “The best gift ever! Kev and I were so moved. Thank you so much!”

Sandra also included a handwritten thank you note to the fans who made them the gift — how sweet of her!

We have a feeling Sandra will be the beneficiary of many a keepsake in the coming days as she gets ready to film her final scenes and say goodbye to her trusty scrub cap for good. We hate admitting it’s actually happening, but… it’s actually happening.

What kind of going away present would you want to send Sandra?

Source: Twitter

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