Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh Reveals Kevin McKidd’s Emotional Reaction to Her Departure
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh Reveals Kevin McKidd’s Emotional Reaction to Her Departure

As excited as we are for Grey’s Anatomy to come back this month (yay!) we can’t ignore the obvious: the closer we get to the end of the season, the closer we get to saying goodbye to Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) for good.

And we know how we reacted when we heard the news that Sandra was leaving the show — hint: it involved tears and a lot of ice cream — but what about her co-stars? The only actor Sandra’s shared more scenes with than Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) is Kevin McKidd, so we’d assume he’d have a pretty strong reaction to her departure, too.

“It was at a table read,” Kevin said in a recent interview with On The Red Carpet of finding out that Season 10 would be Sandra’s last. “[It] was a very emotional table read anyway because it was so much, it was such a celebration. But I kind of already knew.”

“I definitely told him,” Sandra added. “Kevin and I are very, very close; and I feel like if he ever had a major decision, it would affect me. And I made a major decision, and I told him, definitely.”

So how did Kevin react?

“When I did announce it, he already knew and he looked just like that,” Sandra said, referring to a puppy dog-eyed expression Kevin gave the camera during their interview. “A lot of times we’ll sit across from each other at the table, and so, I’d look up and I could feel it.”

We love that after so many years of playing characters who were so close that Sandra and Kevin are, in real life, just as close. Nothing makes us happier than when our favorite fictional couples get along in reality — even when one of them decides to leave us forever!

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Source: On The Red Carpet