Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd Reveal “Salad” Secret to Faking Surgeries
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd Reveal “Salad” Secret to Faking Surgeries

The stars of Grey's Anatomy have a unique challenge. Not only do they have to act out the usual melodrama we all love, they have to do so while talking through surgical masks, rattling off medical jargon, dodging spurts of fake blood, and pretending like they're actually cutting.

But Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) and Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) just revealed some of the TV magic that makes it looks so convincing, and — spoiler alert — lettuce is involved.

The revelation happens when Yahoo! asks the actors if they could conduct any real-life surgeries now that they have years of fake-doctoring experience.

"I, uh…" Sandra pipes up, before slumping down. "None."

"I'm good at making salad," Kevin chimes in. "That's what we call it."

Sandra concurs: "Yes, you're very good at making salad."

Um, what? Sandra explains:

"Because the [camera] frame is here, right? [gestures from her chest to her head] I'm giving a big secret away… So we're Very Important Doctor up here [gestures from the neck up], but we're just doing this [pantomimes tossing a salad]."

"We're kind of tossing salad," confirms Kevin. (Public service alert: Do not Google "tossing salad." It gets real NSFW real fast.)

Now we know! So now when you see Cristina and Owen in the OR and you see them from the neck up, all you'll be thinking about is iceberg, romaine, butterhead

Source: Yahoo!

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