Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh Chose Yang as Cristina’s Last Name Instead of…
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh Chose Yang as Cristina’s Last Name Instead of…

Cristina Yang and Sandra Oh are two names that will always go together in the minds of Grey's Anatomy fans — even with Sandra leaving the show this season — but we're only now learning that the actress actually had a hand in naming her iconic character.

Sandra was a guest of honor on the May 13 episode of Chelsea Lately, and she talked about choosing Cristina's surname.

"The crew gave me this wonderful gift, and on it was the very first call sheet of the pilot," she recounted. "And I didn't even remember my last name was Madison. It was, like, Cristina Madison or something — 'cause that's what it was on the call sheet. And so when we were coming up with ideas, [Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes] asked me, 'What do you think your last name should be?' And then I first went, Park, Song… Not Kim because that's too common a Korean name … Then I came up with Yang, so there you go."

Sandra's seemingly arbitrary choice puzzled the host. "Just because?" Chelsea asked.

"I grew up with the Yangs in Ottawa, in Canada," the 42-year-old elaborated. "And it was Mr. and Mrs. Yang and their four daughters. I remember Lisa, Millie, someone, and someone.

"Do you still talk to them?" Chelsea asked — to which Sandra replied, "No."

"Oh, well, good luck to them," Chelsea quipped.

Source: Chelsea Lately

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