Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh’s Last Table Read Is Today, With Cast Reading Season 10 Finale
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Sandra Oh’s Last Table Read Is Today, With Cast Reading Season 10 Finale

The cast of Grey's Anatomy will find out today (April 8) how the show's tenth season ends — as they're reading the script for the finale, Season 10, Episode 24 — and at least one doctor will learn how her character leaves Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Over the hiatus last summer, Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) announced that it would be her last year on the show, and now Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes is announcing the beginning of the end.

"Not willing to face that @IamSandraOh will have her last #greysanatomy table read tomorrow. #10seasons," Shonda tweeted.

"Me too," responded Sandra's TV lover Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt). "Not able."

A table read (or read-through) is a meeting of all the actors and relevant crew members of a given TV, film, or theater project assemble — in which they read through the script aloud, often reading it for the first time.

Grey's hosts a table read for each and every episode — and, boy, would we love to be a fly on the wall for those occasions! (Plus, we bet the craft service table has a ton of tasty treats.)

Still, it's bound to be a bittersweet occasion for the whole cast and crew, as it's the last one for which Sandra will be present to provide Cristina's biting repartee.

Casting sides posted to Television Without Pity tout that the Season 10 finale will start filming on Friday, April 11 — but it won't be a wrap until April 23, so at least Sandra's coworkers have another two weeks to say their goodbyes.

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Source: Television Without Pity

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