Sandra Oh Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: How Should Cristina Be Written Off? (UPDATE)
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Sandra Oh Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: How Should Cristina Be Written Off? (UPDATE)

We're still coming to terms with the idea of saying goodbye to Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) after Grey's Anatomy Season 10. Whatever happens, we know we'll miss her terribly. However, not all goodbyes are made equal, and while we're sure we'll shed a few tears during her last episode no matter what, there's a big difference between Man, I'm going to miss that character and OH DEAR GOD, WHY SHONDA RHIMES WHY?!

We've come up with three exits for Cristina that we'd be able to deal with. Here they are, in order of our preference.

She leaves for a great job opportunity. This is the option we're pulling for. Yes, Grey's departures are normally more dramatic than this, but Cristina has been through enough already — like Sandra Oh, we're hoping Cristina's goodbye will be a celebration of everything that makes the character awesome. Please, writers, let her go out on top, departing Grey's Sloan Memorial for a killer job elsewhere. Sandra Oh has said she wants to return for the Grey's series finale, whenever that is, and we hope that when we see Cristina again, she'll be bursting with stories about the lives she's saved and the new procedures she's developed.

She leaves for love. If Cristina isn't saying see ya to go be great in another job, we hope that she's doing it for another positive reason, such as falling in love with someone who lives elsewhere (assuming that elsewhere has a hospital that will hire her). While Cristina dropping everything for a guy seems out of character, if the writers play it right it could be symbolic of her finally learning to embrace every element of life, not just work. We'd be fine with that — as long as she could continue being a super surgeon at the same time.

A heroic death. Actually, we don't want this one at all, but this is Grey's Anatomy, so we'd be remiss not to ponder the possibility that Shonda Rhimes will use Sandra's departure to stab us brutally in the heart. So, we'll just say this: If the writers insist on killing Cristina (please, oh please, no!), they better at least let her go out in some triumphant, heroic way where she rescues twenty children from a horrible death, or saves the President of the United States or something. But mostly they shouldn't kill her. Yeah, let's go with that.

TVLine has also put forth some ideas on Cristina's swan song: 1. Addison (Kate Walsh) invites Cristina to St. Ambrose Hospital in Los Angeles to open her own cardiothoracic wing. 2. Burke returns to Seattle just long enough to mend ties with Cristina and sweep her away. 3. Cristina returns to the Mayo Clinic. 4. Cristina gives away her own heart to save someone else — another idea for the afore-mentioned heroic death. We like all these ideas from our fellow TV journalists, too!

But how do you want to see Cristina leave? Sound off in the comments below.

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