Sandra Oh Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Things We Want for Cristina
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Grey's Anatomy

Sandra Oh Leaving Grey’s Anatomy: 5 Things We Want for Cristina

Saying goodbye to Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) after Grey's Anatomy Season 10 is going to be hard, but at least we have a year to prepare ourselves — and the writers have a year to build up to the goodbye this beloved original deserves. We just hope they use that time wisely.

In that spirit, here are five things on our wishlist for Cristina's final season. As long as her story touches on most of these, we think we'll be able to get through her departure with just one box of tissues (OK, probably two).

Resolution with Owen. Now that we know Sandra Oh is leaving the show, the definitive end of Cristina and Owen's relationship seems inevitable. As much as it hurts to say, that's probably for the best. We just hope that we'll be given a solid resolution to their story — in our dream world, they'll part as friends, with Cristina running off to be the Best Surgeon Ever while Owen finds someone to start a family with.

Lots of Meredith moments. Meredith and Cristina's relationship has always been one of our favorite parts of the show. We have our fingers crossed for lots of BFF time throughout the next year, so that we'll have plenty of scenes to look back on once Cristina is gone.

Continued emotional growth. Over the last nine seasons, we've watched Cristina go from emotionally closed off super doc to... slightly less emotionally closed off super doc. We hope the final season will show her continuing to grow as an emotional being. We'd love to see her open up to more of her friends, we think it would be great if she really mentored one of the interns, and, of course, positive patient interactions are always nice. We want to feel confident that, wherever her next adventure takes her, Cristina will flourish in all facets of her life, not just in her career.

Medical triumphs. We only have one more season to see Cristina do things like perform heart surgery in the dark. We better get a chance to admire her mad skillz while she's still on screen!

A good reason for leaving. More than anything, we hope that Cristina is given a happy send-off — and we hope it honors her talent and ambition. Let her get an amazing research grant at another hospital. Have the best heart surgeon in the world hand pick her to be his or her mentor. Make her the head of Cardio somewhere great. You get the picture. We want to see her go out on top, excited to tackle more mind blowing medical challenges elsewhere.

What are you hoping for from Cristina in the next season? Sound off in the comments below.

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