Will Sandra Oh Watch Her Last Grey’s Anatomy Episode? “Dinnertime Might Get in the Way”
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Grey's Anatomy

Will Sandra Oh Watch Her Last Grey’s Anatomy Episode? “Dinnertime Might Get in the Way”

We're definitely going to be parked on the edge of our seats in front of the television tomorrow night (May 15) for Grey's Anatomy's explosive Season 10 finale, especially because it marks the last episode for Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang). But Sandra herself may not be joining us!

In a recent conversation with The Canadian Press, the 42-year-old actress seems ambivalent about tuning in to see her final installment on the show, particularly because she finds watching her own acting to be "kind of unbearable."

"Maybe I should watch it," she muses. "I guess I'll watch it at home. I don't know! Dinnertime might get in the way. I don't know! … I'll probably just watch it by myself here at home."

"But I feel like I want to say goodbye on my own time that's not on, like, Thursday nights at 9 o'clock," she continues.

"So if … it feels right to me, then I'll watch it. And if it doesn't, then I'll watch it in ten years from now or whenever it feels right."

Well, we think she's being too modest… and that the only "unbearable" prospect is that of a Cristina-less Grey's!

For those of us for whom the finale is appointment TV, Season 10, Episode 24 — "Fear (of the Unknown)" — airs tomorrow, Thursday, May 15, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: The Canadian Press via Brompton Guardian

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