Glee Needs a Santana Spin-Off: 5 Things We’d Want to See
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Glee Needs a Santana Spin-Off: 5 Things We’d Want to See

Lately, we’ve been sort of wallowing in the sad prospect of life without Glee, now that Ryan Murphy announced the show is ending after Season 6. Then Naya Rivera (Santana) said that she’d like Santana to have a spin-off, and that pretty much made our universe. In fact, we can finally get out of the fetal position and join the rest of society.

But what exactly would a Santana spinoff be about? Clearly, there would be plenty of sassiness and tons of Santana’s great nicknames for people, but there probably should be more than that. So here are the five things we want to see in a potential Santana spinoff. If these come true, we’ll owe it all to our psychic third eye.

5. Meet her Lima Heights pals

Santana frequently shows us how they do things in Lima Heights, but we don’t get much of a glimpse at her rough-and-tumble childhood. So we’d love to have one or two people cast as Santana’s childhood friends from her old ‘hood.

4. Bring Dani along for the ride!

Glee Needs a Santana Spin-Off: 5 Things We’d Want to See
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Okay, so we’ve only seen Dani (Demi Lovato) and Santana together in one episode so far, but we already can’t get that adorable twosome out of our heads. There’s no question that Dani would need to be a component of the show, even if she and Santana eventually just become friends. Granted, we don’t really want them to just be friends at this point, but we’ll take what we can get.

3. Santana bonding with her family

Some of our favorite Santana scenes have involved her interacting with her family, whether it’s her supportive mom or her loving but conservative abuela. And since spin-offs often bring a character’s family life front-and-center (Frasier, anyone?), we think it would be great to see more of Santana’s relationships with her flesh and blood. Gloria Estefan, start making room in your schedule!

2. More ridiculous acting gigs

We were seriously rolling on the floor with laughter watching Santana’s hilarious Yeast-I-Stat ad on Glee. Blow those giant bubbles, girl. But what we also noticed was that Santana’s actually a talented thespian. And since some of our favorite sitcoms have been about people breaking into Hollywood think Entourage or I Love Lucy we bet this would be a great angle for the show.

1. Three words: Brittana, Brittana, and Brittana.

Glee Needs a Santana Spin-Off: 5 Things We’d Want to See
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Is there any way a Santana spinoff can exist without Brittany (Heather Morris)? Hell to the no. Or at least, it wouldn’t be the same without plenty of Brittany-Santana moments, whether they’re in a relationship, or perhaps they’re just friends or roomies. We’re definitely suffering from a lack of Brittana this season, and the only way we can fully forgive Glee for pulling them apart unnecessarily is if they can reunite on a spin-off. By the time this new show would start filming, Heather Morris would have had plenty of time to finish maternity leave and go back to acting... if that’s what she wants to do. We know the fans would be excited. Sweet lady kisses forever.

I'd prefer a spin-off for someone else.

I LOVE this idea!

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