Grey\'s Anatomy Star Sara Ramirez Talks Expiring Contract and Potential Departure
Grey’s Anatomy Star Sara Ramirez Talks Expiring Contract and Potential Departure
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Grey’s Anatomy Star Sara Ramirez Talks Expiring Contract and Potential Departure


Everybody, stop what you’re doing.

In the midst of all this contract talk about whether or not Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) and Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) plan on re-signing their contracts that end when Season 10 does, we’ve forgotten something very key: Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) also has a decision to make.

OK, so we weren’t so sure about Callie from the beginning. One of her most memorable early scenes was when she walked into the bathroom (naked, we might add) and peed in front of Meredith and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and left without washing her hands. But over the years, we’ve grown to love her, and we can’t imagine Grey’s Anatomy without her.

So, will she stay or will she go? All Sara’s willing to admit is that “we’ll see what happens” — or at least, that’s what she told TVLine.

Being that she feels like Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) leaving the show will signify a major chapter ending, we know we’d feel the same if there was no more Callie, too… although we do know that if she did leave, she’s got faith there’d be a happy ending for Callie and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

“Shonda has always said that the real end of the show — like, when it’s over over — characters will get their happy endings,” Sara said. But when it comes to Calzona, Sara says she’s “not authorized to have an opinion.”

But we are authorized to have an opinion, and we think Calzona is totally endgame. We can’t picture either character ending up with anyone else, and we’ve got a feeling creator Shonda Rhimes has a plan behind why Callie and Arizona are going through such a shift in their relationship (or lack thereof) right now.

And how should Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital’s most prolific attending orthopedic surgeon make her exit? Besides riding off into the sunset with Arizona (and Sofia in tow), we’d love to see her achieve something groundbreaking in medicine and leave Seattle to do something totally amazing, like use Meredith’s 3D printing technology to print whatever it is she uses to fix bones and stuff.

And, of course, her exit wouldn’t be complete without some sort of dramatic flashback to her favorite memories with Mark — maybe his image transparent against the backdrop of the hospital? — mostly so we’d get another chance to cry about it.

Do you think Sara’s here to stay, or will she make her exit with Sandra? Sound off below!

Source: TVLine