Sara Ramirez Debunks Romantic Interviews Regarding Her and Jessica Capshaw
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Grey's Anatomy

Sara Ramirez Debunks Romantic Interviews Regarding Her and Jessica Capshaw

Sorry, Calzona shippers. The relationship between Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) and Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) is just friendly. In other words, the "interviews" that imply Sara and Jess are more than awesome scene partners are just some creative fan fic.

An eager fan asked Sara on Twitter whether two quotes are legit, including one from an online post titled "Another part of my conversation with Sara Ramirez at the GLAAD Awards."

Fake interview asks, "I watch Grey's, as you probably have noticed."

Fake Sara says, "Yes, I did notice. It's always great to meet fans."

Fake interviewer: "So I've been wondering: You're gay in the show, right? And here it's you and Jessica Capshaw, and she's hot, and you look great together, so have you ever had a crush on her or something?"

(Expertly-phrased question, might we add.)

Fake Sara: "Oh! [Laughs] Of course. Who doesn't have a crush on Jessica? I could marry her. She's just absolutely great."

In re-tweeting a screenshot of the faux-transcript, Sara writes, "Turns out, there's lots of made up stuff about me online — this convo included! #busted."

The same Twitter user asked Sara about another interview, one in which a "journalist" recounted quite a tale: "So, there's this video that came out recently wherein Jessica was apparently freezing on the set, so you make a sign for her to come, and you hug her to warm her up."

Sara is said to have said, "Yeah! Well… I just feel the need to protect her. You know… I can't help it!"

In reference to this purported convo, Sara simply tweets, "Made up."

Another fan asked her whether she and Jessica get along well, and Sara replies, "Yes! We have genuine laugh riots!"

Sorry, folks. We hate to break it to you, but it seems like the romance stays on the screen. And, y'know, these people are actors.

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