Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew Talks April and Jackson — What’s Her Favorite Thing About Them?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew Talks April and Jackson — What’s Her Favorite Thing About Them?

Grey’s Anatomy’s midseason cliffhanger left us with a lot of loose ends — but we’re mostly freaking out about what happened when Jackson (Jesse Williams) interrupted April’s (Sarah Drew) wedding and confessed his feelings for her.

Okay, not that we didn’t totally see that coming… but we can’t wait to find out if April leaves Matthew (Justin Bruening) at the altar or if she decides to go through with the wedding after all. Either way, the aftermath is going to be insane!

We’re crossing our fingers April chooses Jackson — for tons of reasons, but mainly because we could tell from day one that they are totally and completely meant to be. But what does Sarah Drew think April should do? We’re not sure, but we do know why she loves her relationship with Jackson so much.

“What I love the most about April and Jackson is that they are so completely known and seen by one another,” Sarah said in a recent Spreecast live chat. “I think that they’ve seen each other’s lowest of the lows and crappiest of the crap, and they’ve also celebrated with one another in the highest of the highs.”

So true. Who can forget the serious bathroom meltdown April had after she slept with Jackson for the first time while the group was taking their boards? If Jackson can love her after seeing that — and April’s other fifty shades of crazy — he can love her through anything else.

“They have this incredible friendship that will never be shaken that I think is the foundation of any amazing and wonderful relationship,” Sarah added. “Even when they were in a romantic situation they’re still ribbing on each other and they’re still teasing each other and they’re not letting each other get away with crap. I like that. I think that they push each other and challenge one another.”

Do you think April will choose Jackson, or will she stay with Matthew?

Source: Spreecast