Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew on April and Matthew’s Premarital Counseling — Exclusive
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew on April and Matthew’s Premarital Counseling — Exclusive

The Grey's Anatomy episode airing tonight, November 7 — Season 10, Episode 8: "Two Against One" — promises to be an awkward one for April (Sarah Drew), as she and fiancé Matthew (Justin Bruening) ace their compatibility test… but seem to be on totally different pages regarding their next hurdle.

In this exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Sarah explains that that exchange just the start of the tension between April and Matthew in tonight's installment — and reveals that her own father has a role in the episode!

Wetpaint Entertainment: We just saw a sneak peek from tonight's episode in which Matthew and April don't realize that they're talking about two totally different things…

Sarah Drew: Yes. [Laughs]

April thinks that they're just talking about a joint bank account, and Matthew has other things in mind. So what more can you tease about tonight's episode?

I can tease that that is not the end of that conversation. That is just the beginning … and there's some really good stuff. I was very excited about the material. I was very excited about the scenes that were written.

Actually, here's a fun tease: So, my dad is a pastor, and the writers on our show [said], 'We wanna do a scene where April and Matthew are in premarital counseling, but we want some insight from your experience of what that's like.' And I said, 'Well, no, I did premarital counseling 11 years ago, so why don't you call my dad, who does it multiple times a year for couples?' So they called my dad, and actually, if you listen, there's a moment in a scene later where I actually say the name of the pastor, and they named him Pastor Drew. It's really fun! There was a line that he had actually said exactly that we shot, but they cut it out … But anyway, I think that's kinda fun because now my dad's handprint is on the show Grey's Anatomy, and that's pretty cool.

Does he know that he'll have a little tribute in the episode?

Yeah, I told him … And I have a line where I say, "Well, Reverend Drew did say…" so I hope that that makes it in. I don't know if it will, but I hope it does! But on the page, in the script, his name is Reverend Drew.

But yeah, I am excited about the conversations that Matthew and April have in this episode because I think that they're true to what that experience is for a young couple who is trying to honor God and their relationship and stay committed to the promises that they've made. So I think it will ring true, the conversations will ring true for people who have experienced that.

Grey's Anatomy airs tonight and every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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